Hand Car Wash
If you think about it, having a car worth many thousands of dollars washed by a machine is a really bad idea.

It would be like tossing a tuxedo and wedding dress into a washing machine and hoping for the best! It takes a well trained human being to determine the best and safest way to clean a vehicle without damaging the paint job.

That's why 97% of all americans take their cars to commercial car wash facilities.
Fast Turnaround
At Athens Auto Detail, we know your time is valuable. Most people don't have the luxury to leave their car for days at a time just to have it detailed.

That's why we make it a point to give you honest estimates of start and completion times so you can minimize the time you have to go without your vehicle.

In many cases, we can arrange to perform our services while you wait - so you never have to be without your car at all!
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